Uni? Completed it mate

Hi everyone, hope you have all had an amazing weekend and a successful start to the week. Today I thought It would be a good to update you all and let you know that I have FINALLY finished Uni, WHOOOO!!! I sat my last exam on the 22nd May and have just spent the past week and a bit celebrating with friends and family and just taking a break from the daily worries of life because you know…I deserved it.


I’m actually so proud of myself for making it this far if I’m honest. I have had a love/hate relationship with uni since starting so staying for three years is an achievement in itself for me. There’s been sooooo many times I have thought about leaving but didn’t (mainly because I wouldn’t know what to do with myself and I didn’t want to give up). When I look at what I was like when I started uni compared to now, I have come such a long way. At the beginning of first year I found it so hard to find the nerve to talk to new people (Mainly because I overthink situations and think no one wants to talk to me and everyone hates me) but uni gave me the opportunity to meet new people and get chatting to them through group work and presentations and I gained some friends from it that I have kept all the way throughout uni and will stay in contact with after I graduate. Although I see myself as a lot more confident now when compared to what I used to be like, I am and will probably always be that socially awkward gal who is just too shy to speak to anyone unless they speak to me first. I hate that I’m like this so I am still trying to change it. I found that the best way for me to do this is literally just by saying something like ‘hi , you alright’  to someone. That usually sparks up a conversation and if it doesn’t, it’s just awkward and I usually remove myself from the situation and take the hint that they don’t wanna talk because there’s nothing worse than how loud awkward silences can be.


For me, uni wasn’t even that hard, it was more mentally draining. I was a full time student and I was only at uni 6 hours a week and even then I struggled to attend them classes (I honestly don’t know how I managed to go to school/sixth form and be there before 9am because, OMG – that’s a tasks in itself). Whenever, I would get my new timetable and see a 9am start I just knew that I would rarely make it because staying in bed seemed like a far better/ comfier (but less productive) option. The good thing about uni is that all of the work is online and my subject was mainly independent studying/ reading anyways so I was able to miss the odd lecture and just catch up on it when I could actually be arsed to get myself out of bed.


I was planning on going back to university in September but decided against it as I think I deserve a few years break from education. I will be going back to get my masters at some point in the future however, for now I just need a break. I am wanting to gain relevant work experience within the social work sector throughout my few years break so that when I do return to uni I would of  had some previous experience of what it’s like to work in a social work environment. I will also be working full time in a job that relates to my current degree to better my understanding around that topic area as well as put all of my knowledge and skills to test that I have learned from attending uni.

I’m kinda just going with the flow at the moment, is anyone else or am I just too chilled?

Are any of you lovely lot at uni? if so what are your opinions on it?

Thanks for reading

Shannon x


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    1. Thank you and because to be a social worker I need a degree in social work or a master’s in social work so I’m going to get my masters and hopefully become a social worker one day. I will probably change my mind and find a different way into social work such as step up to social work etc but I’ll just wait and see what happens ☺️

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