10 ways to be happier

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well. Today I thought I would share with you some tips on how I maintain my happiness. Yes I’m not happy all of the time and let’s be honest – neither are you. There’s always going to be something we ain’t happy with in life and that we wish was different. These ten tips have helped me out a lot when trying to maintain happiness so I thought some of them might help you too.


Get out more.

  • It’s a straight up fact that getting out of the house helps to relieve stress and release endorphins. The sun impacts on our mood so much and we don’t even realise it half the time. You’re much more likely to feel fresh, productive and happy when the sun is out compared to the gloomier days. I know it’s hard to find time to head out of the house for an hour or so, so I found it best to wake up early and fit it in, in the morning. On those days when I’m slightly more busy with work and university I just get my fix of fresh air during my walk to those places and I find that the cold breeze helps to wake me up so much. Leaving the house doesn’t always have to consist of going somewhere that costs money. The best things in life are in fact free. For example, I personally like to walk down to the beach and chill there for a few hours, maybe do some uni reading and clear my mind before heading home and cracking on with some more uni work. That little amount of time I spare in the day to get fresh air really does make a difference to my mood.


Talking it out.

  • An amazing way of gaining relief and getting another point of view on a situation is by talking it out with those who you’re closest to. I like to talk to my close friends and family about certain situations that are getting me down in life because I know that they will listen to me and help me get through it. For example, I face time my little sister every Sunday night so that we can gossip about what one another has been doing that week (since we live a trek away from each other) and it honestly lifts my mood so much. She’s the most loving person ever and always makes me smile. I do however, sometimes feel like I’m being a burden but then I remind myself that they do listen to me just as I listen to them and they do help me. If you have positive people like that in your life then honestly, don’t ever let them go. If they do the opposite however, and chose to belittle you and make you feel more negative rather than happy then instantly cut them out of your life. I know that can be a bit brutal but in reality they really have no time for you if they’re not prepared to listen to you and help you through a tough time and let’s be honest , you don’t really need their negativity in your life. There are always going to be more people come into your life that will help you and listen you without bringing you down.

(Apologies in advance for the quality of the next pics, it went shit when I downloaded them)



Be you!!

  • NEVER!! apologise for being you. It’s better to be unique and stand out from the crowed rather than fit in. No matter what you do in life you are always going to come across people who love you and feel inspired by you and people who hate everything about you, even if you’re the nicest person ever. It basically comes down to jealousy. Always just do what makes you happy and take note of those who want to be there for you and celebrate your achievement (whatever that may be) but also take note of those who don’t want to be by your side and help you achieve. If someone doesn’t want to be there for you, then don’t force it. Spend more time around those who actually want to see you succeed in life, are happy for you and congratulate you on everything you achieve. These people are the ones who truly care and not the ones who feel like congratulating you is a burden and they have to do it because they know you. It took me a while to learn to just do things for me without caring what others think of me. For example, I know that my blog is full of grammatical errors and people will judge me for them but in all honesty I’m doing what I love and I’m working on improving it, so I simply couldn’t give a shit.


Book a trip away

  • Booking a trip away with friends or family is always a great idea. The memories from a trip will likely never leave you because there will always be someone who remembers something and bring’s it up and some point or another and have everyone creasing. The memories can uplift  your mood so much so if you have the chance to create more, then why not? If you can’t afford a trip away then why not have a movie night or go out for some food? I love nothing more than a girls night in, scoffing my face with all the pizza and kebab, whilst sat around the TV with a good ol’ movie on and chatting shit constantly. Nights like these remind me of the good ol’ house parties that I used to have/ go to back in the day. There’s honestly nothing better than the house party days where everyone was just in high spirits and loving life.


Happiness is contagious 

  • I’ve already touched on this a little bit but surrounding yourself with those you love most really does lift your mood so much. If you’re happy, your energy will bounce off others and vice versa. No one wants to be around someone who is constantly negative and down because that will inevitable effect your mood and make you feel the same way. It’s good to have a healthy balance. I love my girly ‘mate dates’ because everyone’s energy just bounces off one another and it’s amazing. I especially like these when I’m feeling low for that particular reason. Food dates are also a good way to involve those friends who don’t really like to go out and have a drink at the weekend and just like the more chilled out scene where everyone is in high spirits and no one is pissed and passed out on the floor (usually me tbh, I always seem to hit peak far too early).


Clear the clutter 

  • Clearing the clutter around you is great for happiness and reduces stress. I hate being surrounded by mess especially when I’m trying to focus on uni work because the whole time I’m thinking about clearing up the mess and not 100% focused on my work. I therefore, clear the little mess I create that day the night before and put everything back in its place ready for the next day. I know this helps with stress a lot because there is nothing worse than leaving in a rush for work or uni and not knowing where your keys are or other things you might need that day. It’s so much easier to just have everything in it’s place ready for you to grab it in the morning and go without getting stressed.


  • I’ve mentioned this tip before in my previous post ‘ 7 healthy habits’  but I just wanted to touch on it again. According to previous research, up to 20 minutes of exercise a day can keep you feeling fresh and happy for up to 12 hours. If you’re like I used to be and can’t find the motivation to go to the gym, then it’s probably best that you ask a friend to go with you. I used to find this super helpful when I first started going as we both used to motivate each other to get our asses out of bed and exercise and eat healthy. I now go to the gym myself however, whenever I attend classes I still like to invite a friend to come along for the lol’s. I always find that once I have exercised whether that be at the gym or at home I feel so much better about myself whereas, if I don’t exercise I feel shit for the whole day and eat unhealthy food.


Listen to music

  • Listening to music can have a major effect on your mood and that’s a fact. I always find listening to music instantly puts me in a good mood. I have my Spotify playlist set as my alarm in the morning to ensure that I wake up to the sound of good music and not the generic alarm sound that most people have which literally makes me feel sick every time I hear it. Music also helps make those daily task such as travelling somewhere, cleaning the house or looking around the shops feel so much more chilled. I always find that when I’m cleaning and listening to music, the time goes by so much quicker than when I’m not. My flat also turns into a full on karaoke sesh when the playlist gets put on. I’ve never been one to really sing in front of people unless I’m pissed so when I’m by myself I just go all out, dancing the lot! haha. Feel sorry for those in the rooms next door if I’m honest. It does lift my mood so much though so I don’t really mind. No ones watching me be a tit, they can just hear it which isn’t so bad.


Make time for you!

  • Schedule in an hour or two for yourself. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make time for you, even if it’s just for a few hours a day. During them few hours you can literally do anything you want and just have a break from all of the stress that life throws at you. I used to find that having time away from doing uni work was more stressful because I felt like I was wasting time however, remember that you’re not wasting time if you like what you’re doing in that time. I like to chill on my phone for a bit, read a book, go to the gym, or clean my room. They all help me chill for a little bit each day.


Keep on top of things

  • I find that I struggle when it comes to time management and that makes me super stressed. I seem to be constantly drowning in uni work and other things and I just can’t seem to balance my time effectively. I have however, started using a study planner that ensures I spend a little bit of each day completing a little bit of each module for uni as well as making time for other things in my life such as work. Doing a little bit of something every day helps you to de-stress as you know you are getting it done even if it does take longer than normal.

Hope this post has helped you in one way or another.

What do you do to feel less stressed?

What things make you happy?

Thank you for reading

Shannon x


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  1. totally agree. getting out for a walk and to hang out by the sea and breath in that fresh clean air and sun behind the eyes are the best. great tips. having something to look forward to like a holiday is really important too. all your tips in fact 🙂

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