My 21st Birthday

Hey guys!! It’s been a while. A lot of things have happened this month so I haven’t had time to blog, but I’m back now and I’m fricken 21!!!!! YEYYY. I thought I would blog about the lead up to my 21st and how I planned it as well as my actual birthday. I do like to be organised so I do plan things well in advance just because I know my friends and family are busy with work and uni so I like to give them time to book it off work and get an outfit etc if they are wanting to come.

I’m gonna start off by talking about how I organised my birthday. I like to start planning a  month before so that I don’t leave things till last-minute. What I do a month before my birthday is set a budget. This has worked wonders for me every year as when doing this I know exactly what I need to get and how much I need to spend on each thing so it stops me from overspending. The next thing I like to do is plan the date, time and place in which I want to spend my birthday. This year I decided to celebrate my birthday on the 1st February (my actual birthday) and the 2nd February. I have two nights out planned because one of these nights will be celebrated with my family and the other celebrated with my friends. Once I have completed the above – its time to invite everyone. I do this best by creating a group chat filled with the people I want to invite or, creating a Facebook page and people can let me know whether or not they can make it on there. Three weeks before my birthday I like to plan what games we can play if I have pre’s before town. I decided to have pre’s at mine on the Saturday so that I can get some nice pictures before we all got drunk and could no longer function/see. The games I went for this year is the classic ‘Beer pong’, ‘ Ring of fire’, What do you meme’, and ‘Drunk, stoned or stupid’. My best friend actually let me borrow her beer pong table (the absolute legend that she is) so that would have allowed us to play beer pong on a different table rather than it taking up the only table we have meaning that ring of fire and other games could be going on at the same time. Turns out the pong table was massive and there was no room for it so we just played it on the floor :). I also ordered my balloons and other decorations during this week to ensure that I would receive them in time. I went for rose gold balloons this year cos why not? Was gutted when I went to blow them up tho because the people who I ordered them off put a 1 and a 8 in instead of a 2 and a 1 so I couldn’t get the classic picture of me standing holding a 21 balloon. During the final week of my birthday I like to order my outfit, get the right number of guests for taxis etc because people could have dropped out, book the taxi and pamper myself.

I actually gave myself 4 days to get pampered before my birthday so that I wasn’t leaving everything till the last-minute. I started off by getting my hair cut on the Monday. I like to go to ‘The Studio’ in Blyth as it’s the only place that I have been to that cuts my hair properly. The owner actually gave me that cut for free bless her because it was for my birthday.  Tuesday I visited ‘The beauty Rooms’ in Blyth to get my brows tinted and waxed. I always go here to get my brows done as this is the only place that does them right and makes them nice and even. The pricing is really good too! Wednesday I went back to the beauty rooms to get my nails done. I had never had my nails done before so I was nervous about it but the girl who did them was absolutely amazing. Even though I didn’t have a clue what I was on about she seemed to know exactly what I wanted. She did an amazing job and I can see myself going back there to get them done again and again. On the Thursday I visited my favourite beauty rooms again to get my lashes and tan done. I had never had my lashes done before so I booked in for party lashes and I had never had my tan done before so I was a bit nervous. The woman who was doing my lashes and tan made me feel less awkward as she was really friendly and easy to talk to. I loved how both my lashes and my tan turned out so I would deffo recommend giving ‘The Beauty rooms’ a visit when you are in the area as its pricing is really good, outcome of the treatments are really good and the staff are really kind and welcoming.


My cake was something else. I mean….just look at it. My mam is sooo talented! She always puts so much thought and effort into the cakes she makes me and my other siblings for our birthdays. They always taste amazing too!. This cake just sums me up perfectly like – whats the point of drinking if you don’t get sooo drunk you forget how to walk and end up hugging the toilet to enable you yo fall asleep because you’re sick every two minutes??? Those are the best nights believe me.


Here are a few of the other cakes that my mam has made my other siblings. She’s so talented and they’re all amazing.

It’s now Friday, February 1st. MY BIRTHDAY. I started off the day by blowing up some of my balloons ready for the day a head. I didn’t really do much this day other that get ready for my night out with the fam. We met up about  6ish at my aunties house. When I arrived there she had filled the room with balloons and had a cake ready for me bless her. She really went that extra mile for me to ensure I had a great night. After taking lots of photos, we headed to a cocktail bar called ‘Slug and Lettuce’ in Newcastle. Me and my aunties ALWAYS go there for drinks as the vibe is unreal. The weather was awful tho as it snowed non stop. We therefore, decided to stay in slug and lettuce the whole night and just chat about shit and have a laugh.

I was SOOO happy I didn’t wake up with a hangover on Saturday morning because I had to do it all again with my friends. I spent the day cleaning and getting the house ready for my friends coming over before getting ready. I managed to get ready just in time for my friends coming over (which is a first because I’m always late). Once all my friends had arrived we played music, got tipsy and took some nice pictures before heading to Newcastle for my second night out. I thoroughly enjoyed this night out (or what I can remember of it) and before I knew it, it was 4am and time to head home.

My 21st Birthday was amazing thanks to everyone in the above pictures <3. I really appreciate everyone coming to spent it with me.

Thanks for reading.

Shannon x


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