Student guide to staying organised in 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! hope you have all had the best year in 2018 and are ready to start a fresh with all your new years resolutions which you may keep up with or not. Lets be honest you’re a pro if you do because I’ve had the same resolutions for years now and nothing seems to have changed. I am determined that I will keep up with them this year though as  I really need  change in my life and the way I feel. I happen to have three resolutions this year, those being; To lose weight, Put myself first and to become more organised with my UNI work and just life in general because my life seems to be one big mess at the minute and I need to sort it out ASAP.

That brings me onto this first post of 2019. I have never been organised when it comes to my University work so I thought it was time to try, since I’m in my finial semester of my degree and still haven’t started my dissertation which I should have started in September and it’s now January and it’s due in March. I should also probably start revising for that exam I have in 15 days too…

These few books have helped me and are helping me stay organised as from now. I Have tried a range of different things to help me stay organised and I think these ones help the most.

This book is helping me out massively. It is full of everything a UNI student needs to keep track of and it is a brilliant way of staying organised. I purchased this book from Paper chase and it is honesty making my life so much easier. I have filled in some pages but you do get the same pages a few times so for the sake of this blog post I just took pictures of the Blank pages so you get the gist of what the book looks like without anything written inside.


Here are a few of the pages which I have found the most helpful.


The first thing you need to do before heading to University (especially if you move into student accommodation) is write down a packing and shopping list so that you know exactly what you need and don’t forget anything. If you struggle with this or you are not sure what to pack you can always type into google ‘packing list for students moving away’ and get some guidance from there. I found the shopping list to be the most helpful because I have a habit of going into the shop and planning on just running in and getting what I need but I always get distracted and come out with 20 things that I didn’t need, so having a shopping list has made me stick to just buying what I need.


After you have fully moved into university you can now chill and start preparing for starting university before you actually start. Start off by finding your timetable online and writing it down, followed by the names of your tutors and any exams you may have.  My timetable is empty at the moment because I am currently waiting on my timetable for semester 2. Once I have this I will then input all of my seminars and lectures as well as my own personal timetable for times to study, workout, relax and clean etc.


The doodle page is my all time favourite page. I don’t think I have ever attended a lecture or seminar and not doodled all over the page in my book. It’s just something we all do to try pass time whilst we try to keep our eyes open at them tedious 9am seminars.


This is probably the most helpful page of the book as I have a habit of just wasting my money all of the time and not being able to eat by the end of the month. Managing my finances has made me feel 10x better about everything as I know that if I stick to it I can treat myself and have a nice Chinese takeaway at the end of the month.

The next book I am going to start using is this Zoella ‘I’ve got a great plan book’. I purchased this when it first came out and I have been dying to use it ever since. I am the type of gal who loves to have things on paper in front of me instead of on a screen so I love things like this because they make life so much easier as I can just quickly write things down in it rather than having to find the calendar on my phone and then type them in etc.




I love how this planner has little touches to it such as, having a circle at the bottom of everyday to show whether you where happy or sad that day, having a monthly reflections page that you can look back on and having little stickers at the back of the book. If you couldn’t already tell I am easily pleased and I love the little things.

SO there you have it. These are the two books that are helping me stay organised with University and life in general. I am just going to be taking everyday as it comes and not stress about anything other than whats going on today. Hope this post has inspired a lot of you to become more organised, especially if you’re an unorganised mess like me haha.

What are your New years resolutions?

How are you staying organised for 2019?

Any big plans for this year?

Thank you for reading

Shannon x

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