Favourite Christmas tree Decorations: Blogmas day 16

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a great weekend. This post is going to be about my all time favourite Christmas Decorations that I have been collecting over the past two years from various different places that I have visited.

I collected this first piece of decor from London. It was November time when I went so there were a lot of Christmas decorations out in the M&M shop but this one was the one that caught my eye. It is just so cute and adds a little bit of colour to my tree. Every time I look at this I think of that weekend in London and how great it was.


I picked this next bauble up in the Disney shop in Sunderland. There was a huge sale on all Christmas decor so it was quite hard to choose. I ultimately picked this one though because I had recently watched the Christopher robin movie and fell in love with Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends, especially Eeyore. I just love all of his funny quotes in the movie and every time I see him I think of them.


This one is from Edinburgh Christmas market 2017. Unfortunately I don’t have any from this year’s market however, I will always have this one to remind me of how good it was. They have got a few different wooden styled ones there however, this one is my favourite one. IMG_20181216_182625I collected this first piece of decor from London. It first caught my eye in the ‘London Eye’ Gift shop which I was browsing in after going on the London eye. I always like to look around in the different gift shops to see if I can find something to take home for sentimental reasons and this was perfect as it was around Christmas time when I went.


I picked this up from Hobby craft. They have a wide range of different styles of tree decor from something like this (image below) to rounded baubles that you can make yourself. Great fun if you have children. I just picked this one up though because it was cute and had my initial on. IMG_20181216_182710

This bauble is another one that I picked up during the Edinburgh Christmas market 2017 however, I didn’t pick this up from the market itself but from a gift shop. I wanted something to remind me of Edinburgh itself and not just the Christmas market so I thought this would be a great way of doing so. It also had a cute little bell at the end of it.


Finally, my all time favourite Christmas bauble. I picked this one up from London zoo and I just love it. There’s nothing  I love better than Christmas and giraffes so having both in the same place is amazing. I just knew I had to get it as soon as I saw it. This can go with any tree theme too as it has no colour to it, so that’s great.


Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Thank you

Shannon x

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