Favourite Games to play at Christmas : Blogmas day 15

Games are one of the easiest ways to liven up the party because nearly 100% of the time people want to get involved which is good as it brings strangers together and shows their personalities off (especially the drinking games).

I am well aware that you can’t play all games around/with certain people as some of them may not be age appropriate if you have younger children around you and some of them, well lets just say…are best not to be played around family members but with friends instead.

The games that I have chosen are family friendly though and will be great to play on Christmas day or around Christmas time.

Monopoly. I started playing monopoly last year and now I have 6 different editions.






Deck of cards


Five second rule


Logo game (there’s loads of logo games, any one will do)


Speak out


Beer pong


Drunk jenga


What do you MEME (Personal favourite)


Ring of fire


Hope you enjoyed reading this short blog post and gained some ideas of the types of games to play around Christmas time.

Do you play any of these games?

What is your favourite game to play?

Thank you

Shannon x

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