December favourites: Blogmas day 14

I have picked up a few things during this month that I love and really want to share with you. I know we are only half way through December so this favourites list is going to be shorter than the average month’s list but I decided to share them with you now incase you want to give them away for Christmas presents or maybe buy some of the things for yourself.

The first product I have been loving this month is this Cinnamon and mulled wine hand wash by the Alchemist collection. I picked this up in Tk Maxx. I love this because it leaves your hands smelling really Christmassy and fresh. Definitely a product that needs to be in your bathroom. (I bought two, my other one is already in the bathroom hence why this one is unopened). blog1

The second thing I have been loving is this Gingerbread candle from Asda. I have been lighting one of these candles since the beginning of November and I am now onto my third one. I keep going back to this candle because it leaves your room smelling amazing. I mean…who doesn’t love the smell of gingerbread? especially around Christmas time.


I recommend this book to EVERYONE (especially if you are feeling a bit down). This book constantly makes me laugh. I tend to read this before I go to bed. I am only half way though this but it has deffo been one of my favourite reads of 2018.


I bought these hot chocolate syrups near the beginning of December from Debenhams. I have tried two of them so far and will be trying the other two very soon. The cinnamon one is deffo my favourite one so I use that one more than others. I didn’t think I would like the salted caramel one but I did once I had tried it. It doesn’t state how much syrup you should add to your hot chocolate but I tend to add 2 tablespoon’s as you wouldn’t really be able to taste it of you added anything less.

I love the little Christmas decoration I picked up in a candle shop in Leeds. It looks so lovely sitting on my window sill. It would however, look a little bit nicer if the middle candle pot didn’t smash on my journey home haha. I kind of made it look okay though so it’s fine but do let me know if you know where I  can pick up a little red candle pot thing so I can put it in the middle and make it look slightly better.


Of course I bought some more gingerbread candles to pop onto my little sleigh candle holder. My room just gets so cold around this time of year so I do light about 1000 candles a day to try warm up as well as having my heating on full blast. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because my room smells so festive and I love it. This lasted about 3 days so I deffo need to buy some more. blog34

Of course Cadbury’s heroes chocolates were going to be in my December faves. It’s not December if you haven’t had a tube of these to eat throughout the month (as well as getting more at Christmas). Lets just say having these at hand helped my diet loads… haha.


I bought this bag of (whatever is in that bowl) I am gonna just refer to it as Christmas decor, from ASDA. It honestly has my room smelling amazing so I like to keep that on my bench to keep my kitchen smelling beautiful.



blog 24

Finally these face masks have been the best thing for my skin during these cold winter months. I pop one of these on every night before bed to help sort out my awful skin. It honestly does miracles to your skin. Would deffo recommend.

So there you have it, My December favourites.

What are your favourites of the month ?

Do you already use some of the things above?

Thank you

Shannon x

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