Edinburgh Zoo : Blogmas day 13

On Saturday 8th December 2018 I decided to take everyone to the zoo. I have visited this zoo before so I already knew how good it was so I was super excited to be heading back, especially because my little sister Sinead was coming with me this time. As I said in my previous blog, I absolutely love spending time with her because it’s just non stop laughter and I love to hear what she has been getting up to.

The fact that Edinburgh zoo have a panda is one of the main reason why I will forever love it (although the little shit is hardly ever awake and out of it’s bed for people to see, hahaha). I was also super happy about the fact that I finally got to see a Rhino because I literally thought they became extinct ages ago…it would seem i was wrong.

The zoo wasn’t too busy as we went for it opening so we were a head of the queues but to be honest I don’t think the zoo could look full even if there were hundreds of people there because it has such a big circumference so plenty room for people to walk around without feeling rushed or crowded. The one thing that does put me off about the zoo is that it is FULL of hills. So if you’re lazy like me, make sure you actually have the energy to climb hills all morning before you go and deffo take a water bottle. I found that the best tactic was to climb to the top of the hill and work my way down instead of starting at the bottom and working my way up because as we all know walking down a hill is easier than walking up one.

This zoo doesn’t have my favourite animal (giraffes) but they had plenty of my second favourite animal (Monkeys). There were literally loads of monkeys everywhere I turned and I loved it. It’s so fascinating to see all the different breeds of monkeys and I love watching how human like they are. They just interest me so much. The monkeys are in fact what made my visit at the zoo more exciting. This is because one gave me the fright of my life by jumping at the glass right where my face was when I was trying to look for it and the others made me laugh by pulling funny faces on the glass.

Have you ever visited Edinburgh Zoo ? If so what did you love about it.

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Shannon x

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