Edinburgh Christmas markets : Blogmas day 12

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today is all about the Edinburgh Christmas market 2018.

Firstly, lets just start off by talking about how BIG and amazing it is. There’s just so much to do so you will never find yourself bored of it. It is rather hectic so if you are impatient or claustrophobic it is probably not the place for you (well at least not through the day).

We arrived in Edinburgh on Friday the 7th of December 2018 and stayed until Sunday the 9th of December. We stayed at a hotel called ‘The Place’ which is a really nice hotel located just around the corner from Princes street (so good location!).

We dropped off our suitcases and went for food at KFC  because we were starving to say the least.  We arrived at the Christmas market around 6pm and it was fairly empty compared to the Saturday night. Even though the weather was awful on the Friday night, we still decided to power through it. We did have a break from the rain and walking after about an hour and a half of looking through the stalls and went to sit in the bar to grab a few drinks to get warm. The views from the top of the bar were amazing, so of course I took this opportunity to take lots of pictures.

After warming up a bit we went to have a look around some of the food stalls. In doing so we came across a ‘mini pancakes’ little hut and I just knew I had to try them. I mean who doesn’t love pancakes covered in Nutella?. After scoffing these down our necks we carried on walking. The atmosphere was sooo lovely as everyone was in high spirits as it’s near enough impossible to go to a Christmas market as festive as this one without feeling Christmassy.

Saturday came and I was so hyped as I finally got to see my beautiful little sister. I hardly get to see her as we live 2 hours apart so when I do get to see her I make sure I spend every second laughing and chatting about absolutely everything and anything. I met up with my sister around 9:30am as we planned to visit Edinburgh Zoo for 10am (Blog on the zoo will be out tomorrow). We finished the zoo around 2:30pm and arrived back on princes street for 3pm before heading to McDonald’s to get my well deserved Big Mac.

After eating the nicest McDonald’s ever we all headed to the Christmas market. This time around we noticed straight away that it was a lot busier than the previous night as the line to get in was all the way down the street whereas, there was no line the night before.  Having said that we didn’t wait too long to get in which was good.

Once we were in me and Sinead decided that we wanted to go on the’ High Riser’ ride and OMG – it was SOOOO scary!! I’m super scared of heights so I already knew I would find it challenging to go on, but I decided I would do it because I would regret it if I didn’t. We lined up for about 20 minutes before going on the ride (which was great you know… gave the ride a chance to have a power-cut just before we were due to go on it… totally didn’t make me even more nervous for it… haha). Seriously though, I am sooo fricken happy I wasn’t swinging around 60ft in the air during that power cut. I don’t even want to think about how on the people on the ride felt.  Everything got sorted out immediately though and the ride carried on. Ohhh AND I managed to open my eyes for about 0.5 seconds whilst 60 ft in the air to catch a glimpse of the views and omg I’m glad I did because they were incredible! I wish I could have got a picture but there was no way I was letting go of the bar never mind trying to cling to my phone in the process.

After I had faced my fears and went on the ‘high riser’ we headed down to the Christmas tree maze. I didn’t do the maze last year as I didn’t have time so this year I made sure I had time to do it. Upon entering the maze we got given a little card that had a task on it. This task was to find stamps around the maze and stamp them on a piece of card and guess what word it reads. Once that was done you had to take it to a cabin and if you guessed right you got a prize. It was so much fun but would have been better if only a few people were allowed in the maze at one time because there were queues where the stamps were so we didn’t have to do much searching.

After that hard task (not) of finding the stamps in the maze, we headed to grab some mini pancakes and churros covered in Nutella because Sinead had never had Churros before so I wanted her to try them. I think she liked them but I can’t really remember haha. Once I had scoffed down all the food I could we decided to give our legs a rest and head back to the hotel for a bit.

finally Sunday came around. Our last day in Edinburgh. We didn’t really do much this day other than shop as our train home was at 6:05pm so we didn’t want to do too much walking etc, as we had been walking all weekend. We did have one last look at the market before leaving though.

So there you have it! Our weekend away at Edinburgh Christmas market. Hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did don’t forget to give me a like and  follow so you can keep updated.

Have you ever visited Edinburgh Christmas market?

Where is your favourite place to go at Christmas time?

Thank you

Shannon x

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