Current Spotify playlist 2018 :Blogmas day 10

I have found that the best way to organise my music is to put it in monthly playlists. I like to do this because I like to go back to each month of the year and see what I was loving at that time. Doing it this way is great because it brings back loads of unforgettable memories. for example, every time I listen to February playlist 2018, it reminds me of my 20th birthday when me and all my friends went away for 3 days to celebrate – we had an amazing time and it was non stop laughter.

My plan for this post was to share my current December playlist with you however, it has very few songs in at the moment since it is still the beginning of December. Instead i have decided to share my ‘2018’  playlist that Spotify made for me and show you the different types of music i listened to through the year.

If you’re interested in this playlist then just scan the below code and it will automatically come up on your spotify so that you dont have to search for  the songs that you like.


I do listen to more pop punk now, so my December playlist will different to this one but I still thought I would share this one to show how Much my music changes in Variety depending on my mood.


What music do you like?

Any recommendations ?

Do you like any of these?

Thanks for reading

Shannon x


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