7 HEALTHY habits that have made me a happier person: Blogmas day 8

It is a known fact that healthy habits improve your way of life. Not only will these habits help you mentally by making you a calmer much happier person, they will also help you physically.

This brings me onto my first hack.

Hack number 1 – Exercise in the Morning.

I know not everyone can fit in exercising in the morning which is fine however, do make sure you can fit at least 10 minutes of exercise in each day. I personally love to exercise in the morning as it just sorts me out for the rest of the day and it gets it out the way so I don’t have to think about going to the gym all day and getting stressed because its 9pm and I still haven’t been.  Going to the gym in the morning is also great because it ensures that you eat healthy throughout the day as you don’t want to waste away all of the hard work that you have just done in the gym.  If the gym is not for you why don’t you try running outside, exercises in the house (there’s loads of fitness DVDs and workouts on YouTube that are great for home workouts) or even just going for a 30 minute walk each day. It will honestly put you in such a good mood so I would 100% recommend doing a little bit of exercise each day.


Hack number 2 –  Wake up earlier 

Earlier mornings = Earlier nights. There is honesty nothing worse than waking up at 12/1pm everyday and then not falling asleep until 3/4am. I hate this and I have to admit I used to do this ALLLL the time. Waking up at 12pm honestly put me in such as bad mood before I even got out of bed because I then knew that I would have a stressful day trying to fit everything in as I had less time to get things done because I had slept for most of the day. Now I wake up at 7am and fall asleep around 11pm and my life is so much better and stress free as I have more hours in my day to ensure that I get all of my tasks complete.


Hack number 3 – Drink more water 

I have to admit I never used to drink water. I was lucky if I had one glass of water a day – no wonder I had dry skin!. Now I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go to ensure I stay hydrated throughout the day. This has been great as it has stopped my headaches because I’m not dehydrated as much now and it has made my skin SOOOO much softer and healthier. I honestly couldn’t recommend carrying a water bottle with you enough. You will see a difference to your skin in no time. Not only that it helps you stay younger for longer an I mean… who doesn’t want that in their life!.


Hack number 4 – Plan your week

There’s nothing I love doing more on a Sunday night than planing my week (I know I’m such a wild 20-year-old, haha :)). But honestly, it helps your mind-set soooo much as you’re going to be less stressed as everything you need to do is wrote down meaning you can just work through the list, making sure you don’t miss anything. I like to get everything down on a piece of paper and then separate it into 7 days. Doing it this way means I can look at a small list for each day and tick it off without looking at a huge list for the whole week and becoming stressed as I don’t think I could ever complete it. These small lists just help to keep me calm and organised, which is great for the mind.


Hack number 5 – Only buy healthy food

This is a big hack that I have only started properly doing recently. I know its super hard not to stock all of the rubbish fattening food in your cupboards once you have had your weekly shop etc, as everything looks sooooo nice (especially the bakery section in Lidl). But honestly it makes your life so much healthier. Since I stopped stocking up on rubbish food I have lost weight and feel a lot happier. I used to make myself feel rubbish after eating unhealthy food ( I know… I was my own worst enemy) which then lead me to eat more food (I know – doesn’t make sense) and it was just an ongoing cycle until I made the decision to stop buying the unhealthy food because then  I can grab an apple when I’m feeling hungry instead of a bag or crisps (because I don’t want to trek to the shop and buy some). Since using this hack and having lost some weight, I don’t even think about getting unhealthy food as I would much rather snack on an apple than some chocolate now (didn’t think I would ever say that, but it shows that anything is possible haha).


Hack number 6 – Be Positive and surround yourself with positive people

“Positive vibes attract positive tribes” 

This one is quite straight forward. Surrounding yourself with people you love and find funny is definitely going to make you a happier person. For years I surrounded myself with negative people and that honestly made me such a grumpy person which wasn’t healthy at all. I now however, have the beast group of supportive friends and family and I couldn’t be any happier. I literally can’t remember the last time I had an argument with any of my friends or family where as, there was an argument every time I saw my previous lot of ‘friends’ over something so small, so I decide that I didn’t want that in my life and left that friend group (best decision I every made). I am honestly such a happier person now that I have surrounded myself with the people I have

Here are a few of my close friends that have change my life for the better. These photos are old and new so I apologise for the quality of some of these.


Hack number 7 – Read before bed

Having half an hour to an hour screen free time at night and in the morning is definitely the best thing for the mind and helps you sleep super easy. Instead of scrolling through all your social media or reading books online etc, why not try turning your phone off an hour before bed and reading?. This way you can chill and make yourself tired rather than having a bright screen in your face constantly before bed, making it impossible to fall asleep quickly. At the minute I am reading Toffs book ‘ Always smiling’ and just by reading this book it is helping me be a more positive person. If you find reading boring the that’s even better as it will definitely make you tired easily out of boredom.


Let me know if you already do these healthy hacks or if you will be trying any of them down in the comments.

Thank you for reading

Shannon x


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7 thoughts on “7 HEALTHY habits that have made me a happier person: Blogmas day 8

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  1. Bravo, Shannon! I venture to say that very few 20-year-olds (you are 20??!!) would compile such a practical, sensible, valuable list — let alone post it! Good for you, taking your negative experiences and turning them into successes. I imagine a very fine future for you considering not only your determination, but also your willingness to learn what’s actually better and then apply it to your own life. Best of everything to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Would never have thought you were only 20 after reading this list! Also, thanks for reminding me to pour a glass of water. That’s the one I have the hardest time with, of the seven. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

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