Winter skincare: Blogmas Day 7

I have always had super dry skin not gonna lie and the colder months really doesn’t help. My skin starts to feel really rough especially on my arms and legs so I always have to be sure to maintain it and try get it back to being smooth…ish.

The first thing I like to do after a long day is take my makeup off. To do this I like to use the Garnier Micellar cleansing water with some cotton pads. I like to use this because it makes getting makeup off soooo much easier and it is smoother and quicker than using face wipes.


I then like to go in with a face-wash. At the moment I am using the black head clearing daily scrub and it is amazing.  At first I  was a bit anxious about using a scrub on my face everyday as I normally only like to scrub my face about 4 times a week and use a non scrub face wash on the remaining 3 days however, this has done wonders for my skin as it is more of a gentle scrub rather than a hard scrub. This product is an oil free product and doesn’t make your skin too dry after using it. b77

After I have washed all my face and removed my makeup I then usually jump into the shower. Whilst in the shower I use this  Dove ‘purely pampering’ coconut milk and jasmine petals body wash. Not only does it smell amazing but it ensures that you leave the shower with softer and smoother skin.


I then exfoliate my whole body (excluding my face because I already exfoliated that) with this Zoella ‘Scrubbing me softly’ smoothing body scrub. By the time I have used this scrub and the body wash my skin is already feeling fresh and smelling amazing. b77777

I will then cover my whole body in this Soap and Glory ‘smoothie star moisturising body milk. As I mentioned in my previous beauty favourites blog, this moisturiser is really thick which I love as it makes my skin so soft and smooth. This product is perfect to use before bed so it can sink into the skin overnight.


I then go back to my face and use this ‘Sugar plum fairy’ lush exfoliating scrub on my lips to get rid of any dead, dry skin. I then go in with this Arrow boost, colour enhancing lip balm to hydrate my lips before jumping into bed and watching ‘ Friday night dinner’.


So there you have it. My simple winter skin care routine.

Let me know if you use any of these products in the comments or if you would recommend using some alternatives to these. 

Thanks for reading

Shannon x

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