December beauty favourites 2018: Blogmas day 5

In Autumn/ Winter, I love to have a rummage around in my makeup draws and change-up the products I use. I feel like because it’s winter I have to switch up my makeup to more Autumnal and Winter shades. My foundation is a product that definitely needs to be changed as my skin becomes a lot paler in the winter as not as much sunlight is getting to my skin. Below are all the products I’m currently loving throughout winter.

Firstly, lets start off with a little bit of skin care.

My first favourite item is the ‘Garnier, skin active, Micellar cleansing water’ I use this  to take off my makeup before washing my face. I found that this is the best product to use for me as I have really sensitive skin around my eyes so, it just means that I can take my eye makeup off easily without having to scrub too much.

makeup remover

I’m also loving the ‘Johnson and Johnson, clean and clear, black head clearing daily scrub’. It is an oil black head clearing scrub that lifts away any dirt and oil in the skin. I have been using the product for a while now a it’s amazing. My skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. The only downside of using this is that it smells of cucumber and I don’t like the smell of cucumber (The product doesn’t even have cucumber in so not sure why it smells of it).

blog 18

Soap and Glory, Smoothie star , Almond, cocoa, yoghurt, oat and honey, deep moisturising body milk is something I use every morning and night. I only use it on my face in the morning as it is quite a heavy and thick moisturiser however, the fact that it is a thick and creamy moisturiser ensures that all of the dry skin on your body is nice and soft. I apply this to my whole body before bed and let it sink in overnight so I can wake up with softer skin.


Zoe Suggs ‘Winter wonder hand’, hand cream has been absolutely amazing on my skin. I always seem to get super dry hands when ever I have been walking around outside and it can be quite painful therefore, I always make sure I have this handy for me to grab in my bag. I never used to use hand creams until I left this on my desk and every time I could feel my hands getting a bit dry I would reach for this and I could deffo see a difference in my skin.


Now onto the Makeup.

Lets start off by talking about my all time favourite makeup product.  I have two high-end highlighters to talk about and two Drugstore ones. The first drug store one I am loving is the Tanya Burr ‘Illuminating powder’ in the shade ‘Champagne sorbet. Firstly lets just acknowledge how beautiful the colour of the product is. It’s literally perfect for both winter and summer, especially if you want a natural but golden shimmer to your look.


The second highlighter is also a drug store highlighter. This one is the ‘Unicorn Elixir’, liquid highlight from make-up Revolution. I never used to go for a liquid highlight as I always found them pointless as I would always put powder over the top of it anyways and always though that, that would take away the shimmer. That was until I decided that instead of putting a translucent powder over the top to set it in place I would use a powder highlight (Tanya’s Highlight) to set the liquid highlight in place which gave me the best glow ever. So that’s what I’ve been doing and will continue to do because it’s the best thing ever, especially if you want that extra glow.


The first high-end highlighter that I’m currently loving is the, Urban Decay ‘After Glow’ highlighter palette. As you can see ‘Bliss’ is my favourite shade and I’ve been dipping in and out if this all year. I mainly reach for this when I’m doing my makeup for a night out as I think it can be a bit too glowy for throughout the day.


Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘ Glow kit’ is my second high-end favourite. ALLL of the colours are amazing so I don’t have a particular one that I stick to. This product is just super soft and pigmented so It is deffo one to have in your collection. I also love the fact that you can buy them separately and renew them once your favourite shade has run out.


I am not going to talk about these Eyeshadow palettes separately as I will probably just be repeating myself most of the time. All of these palettes have great pigment and the colours a beautiful. I love to wear autumnal colours throughout Autumn and Winter as I think they are the perfect Christmas shades, especially all of the green shades in the Jaclyn Hill Morphe Platte.

‘Tartelette toasted’ palette by Tarte. This smells amazing and is very pigmented.


‘Naked Heat’ Eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. I purchased this last Winter and I have loved it ever since.


‘Nude beach’ Palette by ‘The Balm’. This one is fairly new but still made it to my favourites list because I have used it once and it is great.


Another favourite by Tarte is their ‘Tartelette, In bloom’ palette. Again this smells amazing and I would highly recommend. Tarte is an american brand however, you can purchase it from the ‘QVC’ website in the UK (I think).


The ‘Morphe, Jaclyn Hill palette’ is amazing and I would highly recommend this to anyone who hasn’t yet got it. There is loads of  looks that people can make with this palette. (excuse how dirty mine is, I use it quite a lot).


This colourpop ‘cute AF’ Palette came all the way from America. I have always wanted to try colourpop as they have some amazing products. I picked up this eyeshadow palette and these single eyeshadow’s whilst I was on their website. Again similar colours to the rest of the palettes but a different formula. colourpop’s formula is VERY creamy which I like as it just glides on the eyes. The pigment is okay but could be better in my opinion. Still a great palette though.


These Stila eye products are amazing. They’re really easy to blend and really pigmented. I know the colours look the same but believe me they are different (even if there is only the slightest bit difference haha). Perfect for a night out.


All benefit brow products are amazing let’s be real!. But these three have definitely stood out to me the most. I use all three of these in conjunction with one another starting off with the brow primer, then the brow contour Pro pen and then the Gimme brow, brow setter. I love the Brow contour pro pen as you get a highlighter, concealer, light shade and dark shade and it’s all in one place so it saves a lot of time in the morning and lasts all day.


My search for the best concealer is officially over!. This one lasts a life time and blends really easily. A little goes  long way. I literally couldn’t recommend a better concealer if I’m honest. l39

This foundation has recently been added into my favourites because It’s not that old. I’ve been looking for a foundation that has a flawless finish and has a nice shine for a long time now and I’ve only just found this one. My go to one used to be Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ until I found this beauty in a ‘Too faced’ shop in London. I honestly wouldn’t use any other foundation (other than my drug store Rimmel one haha).l38

EVERYONE needs this setting spray in their life. I literally have a few drops of it left because I use it that much. Honestly, if you’re looking for a good setting spray then this one is the one to buy. Your makeup will  literally stay on for the FULL day without budging. I touch my face all the time when I’m doing uni work as I sometimes lean my head on my hand whilst writing etc and it still doesnt budge so perfect for those long school/UNI/office and work days. l37

This is literally the only product I own from Smashbox. I don’t really know why I haven’t bought from this brand more as this one product that I have tried is amazing. I have had this for quite a while now however, I only really wear it around this time of year as I love my nudes and more pinky shades during the spring and summer. Once this is on your lips there is literally no getting it off. Like you can put it on in the morning and go about your day eating your dinner etc and it will still be there when you get into bed to sleep at night. l35

This colour is absolutely unreal. As you can see by the usage I have been using this one more than the rest as the colour just goes with everything. Definitely a lipstick to keep in your handbag incase you forget to put one on. Again the formula is really smooth and hydrates your lips which is great during this time of year. l34

I literally wear this lip liner with every one of my lipsticks. It goes with pretty much anything and guarantees that your lipstick stays on for longer. l25

So there you have it. My current favourite beauty products of 2018. Hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know down in the comments if you already have a product on here and what you think of it and if you are wanting any of the products I have talked about.

If any of you are over the age of 18 and want to get drunk just take a shot every-time I say “This is amazing” and you’ll be drunk in no time!!! hahaha.

Thank you

Shannon x

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  1. Your post shows that you actually use the makeup you recommend. Having everything clean and perfect always makes me suspicious that the blogger doesn’t use the items. Great post it was fun to read. I’m still learning about makeup all I can do is put on eyeliner and lipstick lol.

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    1. I was going to clean the packaging of my makeup but then I decided against it as I prefer reading posts that show products being used and loved, not just clean unused products . I learned how to do my makeup a couple years back now and I’m still rubbish at it but practice makes perfect hahha.

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