48 hours in Leeds 2018 : Blogmas day 4

Once again I’m on the move haha. This week has been fun but hectic. Literally non stop travel from Monday to Sunday as we were in Manchester Monday and Tuesday (19-20th November) and in Leeds Friday to Sunday (23rd-25th November), leaving us two days to do all our washing and pack for Leeds.


Our trip to Leeds was for another concert but this time it was for Bring me the Horizon. I Know… the total opposite style of music compared to Anne-Marie but I honestly like a variety of genres and I don’t understand how anyone can just like one type of music. Like my music taste literally goes from Taylor swifts song ‘Fifteen’ to ‘Exposed’ by A Day to Remember. I know there are heavier songs out there but this one is enough for me haha.

It’s soooo nice to travel around the country at this time of year as I love to see how each city celebrates Christmas. I mean they’re all basically the same in terms of having similar looking Christmas stalls and an ice rink but there’s always something different. For example, Leeds Christmas market is called the Christkindelmarkt Market and it is a  german Christmas market that is hosted in Leeds Millennium square every year. Its free  entry and has the most amazing food. We actually visited this market on the Friday night as we had nothing else to do as Bring me the Horizon weren’t playing until Saturday night. Of course we had a look at some of the black Friday deals but in all honesty it was just too hectic. I am used to shopping in a small town so I am always overwhelmed when there are a lot of people crammed into one shop at a time. It was all a bit too much in that sense if you aren’t used to large crowds like me.

OMG!! The food was UNREALLL from this market. I literally kept returning the whole time I was there just to grab a bite to eat. They had Churros (My fav). Crépes (also delicious) and this GINORMOUS german sausage. SOOOO tasty. you deffo have to try one of you get the chance. Honestly german food is just so tasty.

It was finally time to see Bring me the Horizon. I only got into their music a couple of years ago but omg I wish I found them sooner. They just have some absolute bangers out that are deffo worth a listen.

They were pretty sick live too. I would 100% recommend going to see them and from what they said at this gig, they’re deffo going on tour next year for their new album so I am excited to go to that.

On the final day we got up early, had breakfast and just had a chill day shopping and drinking hot chocolate.

So overall , Leeds was an amazing trip away and the fact that BMTH were part of that is makes it even more amazing.

  • Have you ever visited Leeds?
  • Any recommendations on where to go and what to do next time in visit?
  • let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading

Shannon x

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    1. There’s literally nothing better than live music to be honest. The atmosphere is has just been incredible at every gig I have been to. I have never listened to The Rolling Stones but I have heard of them and will be sure to check them out!. Enter Shikari is next on my list. I am seeing them in Newcastle so I am super excited about that. I have saw them live a few times before so I already know it is going to be amazing.


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