24 hours in Manchester 2018 : Blogmas day 3

I have visited Manchester a few times before for gigs and birthdays and I have loved it every time so I was super excited to be heading back for a third time. I tend to travel around a lot to go see concerts (Mainly), because who doesn’t love a good concert? This time I headed back to see Anne Marie. I have seen her live five times now and will be seeing her for a sixth time in Newcastle next year. I know most people will only want to go see someone they love once but I would recommend going to see them a few times especially if they’re playing near you because honestly, every show is different and it’s amazing to see how she improves every time.


So lets start off by walking you through my couple days in Manchester. We arrived In Manchester by Megabus on Monday 19th Of November and left 20th of November, so we didn’t have long. I was super excited when I arrived there as I had never been to Manchester around Christmas time before because the last time I was there was around March time to see All Time Low at Manchester Arena so I was excited to look around the little Christmas market that was on.

We had a little bit of time to spare before seeing Anne-Marie so I decided that I wanted to go straight to the lint shop. As far as I’m aware they don’t have a lint shop in Newcastle, so I’m always excited to go. I always get my favourite chocolate bar (The milk chocolate, Hazel nut one) whist there as I can’t seem to find it in any shop other than the lint shop so I stock up whilst I can as well as buying a few extra chocolate bars to try, Like the ENORMOUS fruit and nut on.


It was getting dark now and I was starting to get a little bit peckish so we decided to stroll through the Christmas markets up to the food court to of course go to Taco bell because once again we don’t currently have one in Newcastle  (Although I think there is a one opening soon).  The Christmas markets had some lovely unique stuff as always which is great as I like to be a little different and pick out weird and unusual gifts.


On the Tuesday morning we got up late so didn’t leave the hotel room until about 12 and our bus home was around 7pm, so we had a good 6 and a half hours to kill. Now because I’ve been to Manchester a few times now I’ve pretty much already visited most places I have wanted to visit so we didn’t really have much to do this day other than do my favourite thing….Shopping!!.

We started our day off with the most delish Wagamama ever. This was onLy my second time visiting Wagamama (don’t know why cos its soooo nice) and funnily enough my first time visiting Wagamama was in Manchester too. We both went for the curry ( can’t remember the exact name, sorry) and OMG the chicken was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I was soooo full up after eating this but I still think I could have ate a lotttt more of that chicken. Cant wait to go back and get it again.


As we came out of Wagamama it was absolutely freezing and raining so we decided to have a look around the football museum. I have been here before a few years back so nothing had really changed but still… It was a good way of killing time. I would recommend this place to people who actually like football because I don’t and I still found it quite interesting if I’m honest. I came across the Spartans who are a football team who play in my home town (Blyth) in the museum and I was actually quite shocked because I didn’t expect to see them there with us just being a small town haha.


My all time favourite floor of this museum though is the games floor. I literally spent an hour there just having a go on all of the little vintage games people used to play. To work the games you can put £1 in a change machine and it gives you some older coins and you just have to stick one of them in the machine and you’re off. Deffo a great way of killing time haha.


It was now time to head home so I popped into my favourite shop (Costa) and grabbed the same thing I always grab, a gingerbread and cream hot chocolate and then headed home after a few of my best days in Manchester.


  • If anyone knows where I can get my favourite Lint chocolate from, please let me know. I don’t know if I can deal with waiting until I go back to grab another one.
  • Any tips on where to visit in Manchester for next time I go?

Thank you

Shannon x

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