Glossybox Advent calendar review 2018: Blogmass day 2

Now let’s get one thing straight. There’s nothing better than a good ol’ chocolate advent calendar to open but occasionally I do love a good beauty one. It’s just a really cute and fun way of counting down the days till you can eat as many pigs in blankets as you want and eat alllll the chocolate. There are a wide variety of different advent calendars out there to suit everyone’s hobbies so if you are wanting something different this year to count down the days until Christmas then there will definitely be an advent Calendar out there for you. It was hard for me to choose between a makeup advent or an alcoholic advent but I came to the conclusion to get a makeup one and a chocolate one as they’re two of my favourite things.

I have had a few awful beauty advent calendars over the past few years so I was doubtful when buying this however, I know how good glossy box monthly subscription boxes are so I just knew they would do an amazing job with their advent calendar this year.

If you read this and decide you want your very own glossybox advent calendar you can buy one on their website The advent calendar is £99 or £75 if you have a glossybox subscription and it is worth £300. So definitely worth checking out if you’re interested.

Unfortunately I lost my original pictures of the design of the box before I opened it but if you want to see the design on the front just visit their website that I listed above. I can say however, that the design of the box is absolutely gorgeous. The colours go soooo well together and it reads “All I want” on the front. Not only are the colours gorgeous but the design of the box itself is gorgeous. Everything inside comes in their own little boxes and they sit on shelves which is an amazing idea as you could use the box after to sit perfumes or something on.

Day 1


OMG WOW!! Inside day one is a fricken NARS product. I had never tried NARS before but I heard all good things so I was really excited about this. The product is a lip gloss in the shade ‘Burning Love’. It is a really nice Christmas shade and would look gorgeous on so many people however, the shade just wasn’t for me. If it had been in a shade that suited me then maybe I would have loved it more.

Day 2


Inside door number two is this NIP and FAB hydrate, Dragon’s blood fix plumping serum. Now I have tried NIP + FAB makeup but I have never tried any skin care products so I am excited to try this. It is a generous size especially for being in an advent calendar and the smell is amazing.

Day 3


I was soooo happy when I opened day three. Theres nothing I love more around this time of year than a good ol’ Yankee candle. (I actually have this one burning right now and it has my room smelling amazing).  Once again it is a really good-sized product for being in an advent calendar. If someone said to me they got a Yankee candle out of an advent Calendar I would just assume they got a little dinky one. So yeah, I’m super happy with this calendar so far.

Day 4


Day number four is a ‘Philip Kingsley, body building conditioner’. Here is an example of a product I have not tried and wouldn’t personally go out and buy it so it is a really good way of trying new brands and products. This is a good brand for damaged or dried hair which is basically my hair after I’ve just dyed it so I will definitely be giving this a go soon and seeing if it help and if it does then maybe I will go out and purchase another one.

Day 5


Day five is a full-sized mascara which can I just say…. has the PERFECT head/end to it. There is nothing more annoying than receiving a mascara for it to have a fat head (especially when you have non existent eyelashes like me) because it just goes ALLLL over the eyelid and I don’t want that in my life. So yeah I am excited to give this a go and again I have never heard of this brand .

Day 6


Day six is this lip primer. I didn’t even know lip primers existed before I received this. I normally just wack on some lip liner underneath my lipstick and that normally keeps it on all day, so I am really excited to try this and see if it actually makes my lipstick stay on longer than it normally would with just the lip liner. The consistency is also really lightweight which is amazing.

Day 7 

a7aa7Day number seven is a ‘PATISSERIE DÈ BAIN, strawberry and cupcake bath and shower crème. This is again a decent sized bottle to be in an advent calendar (50ml). It smells amazing and I cant wait to try it out.

Day 8


Day Eight is another one of my fav doors to open as I got a Fricken real techniques brush!! I loveeee my real techniques brushes and it’s fair to say that this one is my new favourite foundation brush and I’ve been using it everyday since I opened it. It blends really well and feels really soft on the skin which is always a bonus.

Day 9


Day number nine is a mini volume and bounce moose. I was sooo happy when I opened this box and received this because I was actually in desperate need of some hair moose at the time so I instantly hopped into the shower, washed my hair and popped some of this on. Fair to say my hair was looking very voluminous the next day and I LOVED it!.

Day 10



Day ten I received the ‘ Bare minerals, skinlongevity, vital power infusion cream’. I have never used this however, it is sitting on my desk ready for me to use tonight after cleansing. For anyone who may not know what this is a it’s basically a cream that you apply two pumps of over the entire face and neck both morning and night after cleansing.

Day 11


Day 11 was good timing as I have been wanting a clear lip gloss for ages now and I still haven’t found the right one. So I instantly tried this when I went for a family night out. It is a great product however, it doesn’t stay on your lips long. I think I applied it about 10 times on the same night which I never normally have to do with my other lipsticks because it just kept disappearing. I will still continue to use this product however, as it is a really nice formula, it just lacks longevity on the lips.

Day 12


Day 12 was a full-sized MUA palette. This Brand is very affordable and I have tried it out a few times but their palettes have just never been for me. This is because as you can see from the picture above, not all of the shades have good pigment. For example, the gold one in the middle has excellent pigment and so do the other shimmer ones however, I just don’t feel as though the matt ones have much pigment at all. The shades in this palette are beautiful though.

day 13


Day 13 is a charcoal age defence Konjac sponge. Not gonna lie, I had 0 idea what this was when I first looked at it. It feels like a hard rock and as I’ve never seen it before I also didn’t know how to use it.  Apparently you have to soak it in warm water for 3-5 minutes and then massage into the face in a circular motion. I’m guessing when you soak it in the water it goes soft otherwise you’ll just be rubbing a hard rock across your face which doesn’t sound that appealing to me.

Day 14


This is a REFIBRA hair mask. Again I’ve never used this but my hair is in serious need of a hair mask at the minute as I’ve just dyed it so I will be giving this a go soon.

Day 15


Day 15 is an INC.redible, jelly shot lipstick. It has an actual flower at the bottom of the lipstick and is filled with little gold pieces. I tend to use this as an alternative to wearing lipstick when I’m just heading to the gym as it is a lot more subtle and it hydrates the lips. On the downside it doesn’t’ actually smell that great but the product itself is good so I will continue to use this.

Day 16


Day 16 is a rather generous sized tub of copper glitter. Dead autumnal!!. I have used this since I opened it. It is really good. It stays on the eyes all night and doesn’t flake off which is good. I will deffo be using this one again.

Day 17


Day 17 is another brush. This time it isn’t from real techniques though but from a brand called LUXIE. I haven’t heard of this brand but I will be checking them out as this brush is amazing.

Day 18


Day 18 is a liquid highlighter. This has great pigment however, it is too dark for me so I couldn’t really wear this. It does blend great as well.

Day 19


This hand cream is amazing. It smells gorgeous and it’s sooooo soft on the skin. Safe to say it definitely went straight in my handbag. Something like this is perfect for the winter months as well because my hands can get quite dry and sore when I’m out in the cold without gloves on. This is definitely one of my faves.

Day 20


Day 20 is another lip gloss. This one is by Steve Lavrant and the colour is beautiful. Perfect for this time of year. However, in my opinion the formula wasn’t that great as when I put it on my lips it would just move around and not really stay in the place I wanted it to and then it went patchy. Overall, great colour but the lipgloss itself just wasn’t for me.

Day 21


Day 21 is a pixi by petra blush. I already have one of these as it came in one of my subscription boxes from glossybox and it is an amazing product. I don’t use it as a blush though as it’s more of a bronzer as it’s too dark for my skin tone to be a blush. It blends really well so I do love this product and I’m happy to have another one.

Day 22


Day 22 is a Zelens Mask. I have never heard of this brand before so I’m intrigued to use this and to see if it is any good. It smells amazing and the product itself is quite thick which is always good in my opinion when it comes to masks.

Day 23


Day 23 is this eyeko FAT eye-stick. I have used this brand before as I have been sent a darker shade of this in one of my glossybox subscription boxes and I can tell you now… it is amazing. I have been using this for days now as I wear it for work as it is quite a natural colour.

Day 24


This is the MITCHELL AND PEACH face oil. I have used faced oils quite a lot in the past however, I don’t really reach for them as much now so I was excited when I got this as it has made me use them a little bit more which is great especially in the winter months.

Day 25


Not gonna lie. Day 25 was up there with the Yankee candle. I did not expect to receive a HUDA product in this advent Calendar but here we are. The pigment of these highlighters is amazing and so are the colours. I have been using this everyday since opening it. This product contains three powder highlights and a cream highlight.

So that is my Glossybox advent calendar review. Hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know if you decide to buy one or not. For me personally this is definitely the best advent calendar I have ever bought and if there’s a one next year I will definitely be purchasing one.

If you couldn’t tell already I haven’t heard of a lot of these brands so it really is a good way of getting to use try other brands.

  • Do any of my lovely readers have any clear lip gloss recommendations? If so do comment below and let me know as the struggle to find a good one is real!.
  • What are your overall personal views on this calendar?

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave a like and comment and if you liked reading this don’t forget to leave a follow. Thank you so much.

Shannon x



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