A day out in York

As my second year of university was coming to an end I decided that once my final exam was done I would book somewhere to go for the day just to clear my head and really kick off the holidays. I’m all for little trips and days out now and again as I really do think that it helps me relax and clear my thoughts and just get away from everyday life for a bit.

I decided to visit York because I have visited there once before a couple of years back when I was visiting the university to see if I wanted to study there but I wasn’t really getting the vibe I wanted so I decided against it. I think the rain and winter had something to do with it because everyone seemed miserable at that time so I decided that I would go ahead and give the city a second chance when I knew the weather would be great. Now im sure you can all agree that York is a pretty big City and there is just too much to do within one day so I managed to do as many things as I could before I ran out of energy and time so I think another trip back will be needed to get the rest of the things we wanted to do done.

The day started with me falling asleep around 2:30am and then my alarm going off at 5am as I had to be in Newcastle to catch the train around 7am. So as you can probably imagine I looked like a zombie walking around on two and a half hours sleep and trying to do my makeup and get ready seemed impossible because I was that tired. Anyways, we caught our train and arrived at York for about 8:10am and decided to find somewhere to go for breakfast as both me and my parter Keith needed some strong tea to wake us up and get us ready for the day. So we decided to walk around looking for a place to have breakfast but the city was near enough deserted by the time we arrived because no where seem to open till about 10 which is annoying when you are running on two and a half hours sleep and have no energy so need that caffeine in your life :). Nevertheless we wandered down the deserted streets until we came across a café that was in a hotel so we decided to eat there. I have to admit it wasn’t the nicest breakfast I’ve had but it tied me over till lunch time.


me nd keithh


After breakfast I decided to try to do a little photo shoot to try to get some nice pictures for this blog im writing but that didn’t go to plan as me being the awkward person that I am I don’t really like getting my picture taken in public but I do try my best and these are the only two I managed to capture when people were around thanks to my lil photographer Keith :).

After this very short embarrassing photo shoot we decided to wonder around the shops and snap as many pictures of them as possible before the streets started to get full as non of the shops were open by this point because it was still very early in the morning. The only disadvantage of this however is that we managed to walk past quite a lot of shops that we wanted to visit and told ourselves that we would visit them later in the day once they had opened but we didn’t really have time for that as there was just too many things to fit into that day.

The York dungeons was next on the agenda but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to film or take any pictures when I was inside however im glad that was the case because it ensured that everyone was in the moment and so involved with what was going on which made it even funnier when the odd little jump scare occurred. So here is a picture of some birds that we saw as we came out of the dungeons because we couldn’t really get any inside :).

York minster is well and truly breath-taking. The architecture is just stunning both on the outside and the inside. We didn’t really have time to explore all of it because it is massive however, our tickets do last a year so we will definitely be going back at some point. We decided to climb up the many stairs to the top of York minster and I can honestly say that it was the most tiring thing ever but it was well worth it as the views were unreal. it was also another opportunity for me try to conquer my fear of heights.

By this point in the day we were running out of time so we decided to grab dinner which, can I just say was the best dinner ever! (and was secretly the main reason I wanted to visit York). We had a Yorkshire pudding wrap and it was unreal. In fact I had two that day haha. We then went on the tour bus because as I said above we had very little time left and thought that going on the tour bus would be the quickest way to visit each place we wanted to visit and it was more effective because we could listen to all the historical events that occurred in these places instead of just visiting them one by one and not knowing very much about each place.

As the day was coming to an end and both me and Keith were tired from being up at the crack of dawn and walking around all day, we decided that we would go for a few cocktails at Slug and Lettuce and just chill for the rest of the evening before we caught our train back home to Newcastle.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this.

I will be back at 4pm next Sunday with another post.

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Once again thank you all for reading my lovelies x



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