A weekend in London

London has always been on my long list of places that I want to venture to however, I have  always thought that I needed a reason to go as I didn’t just want to travel there for the sake of it as trains, hotels, etc can be quite pricey. Whilst I was going about my everyday life I couldn’t quite  find  a reason to visit London until I went to a festival in 2017 called ‘Slam Dunk’.  Both me and my partner Keith  went to Slam Dunk to listen to all of our favourite bands play live however there was one particular band that I’ve loved from the start and they are called ‘Don Broco’. I feel like ‘Don Broco’ have a special place in my heart and I think that is partly because they were the first band I ever saw live and they smashed it and for that I’ve always been in love with their music so when they announced they were playing at Alexandra Palace in London I knew I couldn’t miss it and it was an excuse to travel to London. Once I had found my excuse to travel to London I booked our hotel, travel and made a list of the places I wanted to visit whilst I was in London and from there I just couldn’t wait, I already knew before I went that I would have the best time.

I can honestly say that I was not disappointed when I arrived. I stepped of the train at kings cross and even though I was just in the train station at this point in time I instantly fell in love with the place.  I think the Harry Potter shop had something to do with it.  I’ve always loved all of the Harry Potter movies so seeing that I could get a photo opportunity pushing the trolley I wasn’t going to miss it. London was quite dark when we first arrived there so we decided to get the tube to our hotel and I can honestly say, first glance at that map and I was lost so I got Keith to do all of the working out of where to go next.



During the few days we had in London we decided to do as many tourist things as possible, however as you could imagine we couldn’t get everything done as London is massive. Whilst in London we visited my all time favourite place no matter where I am and that was the Zoo and oh my it didn’t disappoint. I also visited other great attractions like Buckingham Palace and Madam Tussaud’s but the one I am most proud of was the London eye. I felt so proud that I took it upon my self to go on the London eye because I am TERRIFIED of heights. Even though I basically sat on the seats in the middle for half of it, I decided that I needed to get up and take a few pictures as I was already on it so I may as well make the most of it.

We were lucky enough to be in London for the weekend of November 9th till the 12th so as you can imagine we were in London for two very special days. The first important day was the 10th of November 2017. On this day the Lord Mayor’s Show took place and we were lucky enough to see some of it in action. This day is taken very seriously as it basically shuts down some of London for most of the day as they start their three mile long ceremony. This parade links the 21st century to the old medieval days and its honestly one of the best, free days I had in London. The second important day we had in London was remembrance day and I can honestly say I’m glad I was in London for this instead of watching it on the tv because it’s the whole experience/ atmosphere that made it sad but lovely at the same time because it was nice to see everyone come together to remember those lost at war.

So I think you get the picture, I LOVE London and I really cant wait to go back and explore different places soon.

Have you been to London before? What were your highlights? Where should I visit in London?



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    1. I would love to live in London .We were there for four days and I absolutely loved every minute of it. No we didn’t visit there but I’m heading back this year so I’ll be sure to add it to my long list of places to visit. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 x

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  1. I was born and raised in London, and lived there for 60 years,until I retired and moved to the countryside, in Norfolk.
    I will give you my top London tip, best done out of the usual tourist season. Go to Westminster Pier, and take a riverboat trip to Greenwich. You get to see lots of great stuff along the way, even passing under Tower Bridge, and when you get to Greenwich, the boat drops you next to the famous Cutty Sark. A short (well-signposted) walk from there takes you to the National Maritime Museum, then up the hill to Greenwich Park, with the Royal Observatory at the top, and the world-famous Prime Meridian line. From the top, the views are spectacular, looking down to The Queen’s House, and the former Naval College, and across the river to East London. At weekends, there is a busy market, which is full of eclectic stuff, and there are also lots of different restaurants and cafes to choose from.
    If you don’t want to return on the river, Greenwich has a mainline station that gets you back into the centre quickly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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