A day out in York

As my second year of university was coming to an end I decided that once my final exam was done I would book somewhere to go for the day just to clear my head and really kick off the holidays. I'm all for little trips and days out now and again as I really do think that... Continue Reading →


10 things about me

Happy Tuesday  everyone, hope you's have had an amazing bank holiday weekend . Now I know that most of you's are probably thinking 'oh no, not another one of those generic 10 facts about me posts, however I thought it would be a good idea if I posted a few things about myself as it's only my... Continue Reading →

A weekend in London

London has always been on my long list of places that I want to venture to however, I have  always thought that I needed a reason to go as I didn't just want to travel there for the sake of it as trains, hotels, etc can be quite pricey. Whilst I was going about my everyday... Continue Reading →

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